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Monday, August 13, 2018 11:20:45 PM

Nature of politics essays My assumptions concerning the nature of man and the nature of politics My opinion on the nature and character of man is that we are all evil. Although America has the right idea of “creating a world of peace and harmony,” the truth is that this can not be obtained due to the corrupt nature of mankind. From the instant time that we were born to the time we die, man has a sinful nature which can not be made good. I have bases this assumption on three main ideas. First is the biblical nature on buy essay online cheap p r o b l e m fall of man. Second is the past history of mankind, and third is the present day nature of mankind. Despite the many laws and constitutions made to “better” the world, man is indeed evil. Once we understand and observe these three main ideas defending the evil nature of man, we will mla format for essay in anthology come to grip with the nature of man and the strong influence it has on the nature of politics. The bible is the #1 source which explains the nature of man. In Genesis, God tells of how the world was created. Then God created man in the likeness of Himself. The buy essay online cheap p r o b l e m of man began in the Garden of Eden when Adam sinned. Adam had everything he could have ever wanted and still he sinned against God. Therefore, Adam’s punishment was separation from God. This event that took place in the Garden of Eden was the curse of all mankind. We are now all born sinners and totally depraved; in that there is nothing we can do that will be pleasing to God. Total depravity is one of the main biblical reasons why the nature of man is evil. Man can do no good. With the idea of total depravity in mind, it is clear to see how the past history of mankind has lead to the belief that man has romeo and juliet scenec essay corrupted mind with intentions to use and abuse their fellow men. Yes, America has made many strides to making the world a better place while trying to increase the peace. However, once you peel off that layer of impartial smiles, you will be greeted with ang.

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