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Catch-22 log essays Chapter One Characters Introduced: Yossarian – He is the protagonist of Catch-22. Dunbar – Yossarian's friend and roommate when the novel opens The Chaplain – a religious man who comes to visit Yossarian in the hospital Nurse Duckett – Doesn't appear to have a significant role, except that of Yossarian's nurse The Texan – A man so nice that everyone hates him Soldier in white – A completely bandaged man who is in the same ward as Yossarian Lieutenant Nately – Yossarian's commanding officer The novel College sports and academics essays in a hospital ward with Yossarian meeting the chaplain. Yossarian seems to enjoy confusing the chaplain and causing him trouble although he "fell madly in love with him" (15) We meet a few other characters, none too significant at this point. The first piece of irony is seen Discovery of the Expansion of the Universe Essay example this chapter in the Texan. He is so nice that need help do my essay the mbuti pygmies in the ituri forest hates him. The soldier in white poses an element of mystery thus far in the novel. He is intriguing to the other characters because he is all bandaged. They ponder whether or not he is alive. We are also introduced to the first setting of the novel; Pianosa which is to be a small island in the Mediterranean Sea. Chapter Two Characters Introduced: C.I.D. Man – His name is only mentioned once and is thus far insignificant Clevinger – A fellow officer in Yossarian's squadron Orr – Yossarian's roommate Havermeyer – A fellow pilot McWatt – A fellow pilot Appleby Colonel Cathcart Milo – Assumed to be in charge of the mess hall Major__de Coverley Doc Daneeka Dead man in Yossarian's tent Yossarian is out of the hospital and is arguing with Clevinger about how everyone is out to kill him The new characters are mainly other pilots in the military with Yossarian. Ferrara and the Great Big Siege of Bologna are two events mentioned with no description This chapter holds the first introduction to the idea of insanity. Yossarian feels that everyone el.

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