To Kill a Mockingbird Essay, Need Help?

Saturday, August 04, 2018 8:39:44 PM

Women in mens sports essays Topic: Should women be allowed to play on male sports teams? Method of Development: What physical and mental differences do Homers the Odyssey good essay writing and females have which might affect the game or moral? Tentative Thesis: As far as mental and physical attributes are concerned, men and women are not created equally. Help me do my essay ?heart of darkness is superior, however, the differences between a man and a woman are custom essay services legalzoom divorce indiana code 35-43-4-2 affect how they participate in competitive sports. I. Introductory Paragraph: Use examples of differences/stereotypes. Women's soccer taking off shirt after winning game/ vs. men's game. Women want to compete w/men to earn more respect and to be treated equally. Insert thesis. Finish Homers the Odyssey good essay writing a few points of support from below for transition. II. Support Paragraphs: Mental and Physical differences A. Men have more endurance. 1. It is scientifically proven that women often tire before men in aerobic exercise. 2. So are the lengths of the quarters, periods, matches etc. shortened to women's games? B. Men are stronger and faster 1. Teams would be competitively uneven when Men outnumber women. 2. Women might complain of discrimination when chosen for the lesser positions. C. What will be done to avoid injury to women's chests? 1. List sports where special care will have to be taken if women join in. 2. Fouls to women's chests can be considered sexual harassment. 3. Men will have to avoid women or relearn the sport they have come to know. Transition Paragraph D. Men are taught to hit hard and break down the offense. 1. Women are taught to be nice and polite. 2. Men have years of experience over women in the hit em' till they fall department. 3. Transition sentence re: physical- mental aspects. E. Years of good manners have taught men that ladies are first and to never harm a lady. 1. All of the time spent teaching boys to be nice and respectful of girls is out the window. 2. Most men will just bac.

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