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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 3:00:59 AM

Class size/student's performan essays In a classroom no two students are alike. Each student is different, and therefore the extent to which a large classroom affects them also varies, but as a whole, class size does affect a students learning process. The amount of attention given by a teacher to a student, the understanding of a student by a teacher, and the different essay on primary education need of the day of students can serve as evidence to this statement. Class Size and the attention a student receives are reciprocally related. The larger the class, the less the individual student receives. This invariable affects some students’ performance as they need to test essay angelica gibbs pushed and forced all the time in order for them to get their work done. While, other students don’t need anybody “breathing down their necks” and are able to complete their work diligently. Each student tends to be different and have different styles of working. A larger class eliminates some of the students from successfully achieving what is required in the course. As all students are different, it is difficult for essay on primary education need of the day teacher to get to know the student. In a large class, it is very difficult for a teacher to get to know a student very well. The better the teacher knows the student, the easier it is for her to mark assignments. If a teacher knows a student well, she is able to interpret the language, and the writing style better, and is better able to understand what the student is trying to communicate with her. It is better if the teacher knows a little more about the student (his background) as it will indefinitely affect his writing style and content. It would also help the teacher to know about their various methods of learning. Some students are very smart, and brilliant so they can understand the material very fast, while other students need to be taught a bit more, and need the time to be able to fully understand how things work. In a small classroom the teacher has the ability to control who needs buy essay online cheap homeless dogs attentio.

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