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Tuesday, July 31, 2018 9:53:08 PM

God’s impact on our lives essays God has for always been the undeniable power, the supreme symbol of all religions, he gives hope, enlightenment and spiritual comforting. What would the world be if God had never existed? Would the world be a better place or a place of turmoil and chaos? We’d never find out, all that is certain is God would be replaced or substituted with some kind of equal. In this essay I will discuss: Racism and discrimination, Death and spiritual presence of God. First, racism and discrimination is one of the world’s largest controversy’s, Christians, Muslims, Jews etc…are unique to one another because of how to hire a ghostwriter conflicting beliefs. It’s because of these different beliefs that discrimination came to. People are scared to share their knowledge of their God. If we had a godless world where everyone shared the same beliefs then our world would probably a better place, but on the other hand religion is a people’s identity, it’s how they differ themselves from other people. When cultures collide, catastrophe arises Second, God’s unproven presence in our lives allows us not to fear or dread death. Why? Because ever since we’re young we’ve been told that if through out Social women entrepreneurs in kingdom of Saudi Arabia my essays life we’ve been good in general, that we’d be destined for heaven but if we were bad we’d be sent to hell where eternal punishment awaited us. Reincarnation was also another way of escaping the fear of death. You see in the beginning of time, people have had to look forward to something. Imagine your soul or spirit became innate after life. If the entire world were afraid of death, then the world would be on a path of self-destruction. Finally, would of the world had evolved through help writing my paper womens role in the economy without the knowledge of that spiritual presence we call God? Through time the world has been taken to very write an assignment online stages of time and evolution, from Stone Age, to classical world to the Middle Ages to the renaissance and Information about forth. How do we measure ourselves in time? .

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