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Sixteen candles-movie essays ife issues adolescents deal with. Issues such as popularity, peer relationships, family/sibling relationships, sex, and struggles with identity are all addressed in this ninety-minute film. Sam’s high school is like any stereotypical high school with it’s various social crowds. The popular crowd in this movie is composed of mostly jocks and cheerleaders. These adolescents seem to be the most physically attractive and have the top homework editor service parents. According to a recent study, the ways boys and girls gain popularity or prestige in school has not changed much over the last couple of decades. Girls and boys typically gain prestige in school through totally different, but very traditional means. Most boys gain prestige through participation in sports and school achievement while most girls gain school prestige more through physical attractiveness, sociability, and school achievement (Suitor & Reavis, 1995). Jake and Caroline essays of francis bacon large print): francis bacon perfect examples of the popular kids in school. Jake is on the football team, has a fast car, a big house, and is extremely attractive and charming. Caroline, on the other hand, is a socia.

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