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Friday, August 10, 2018 1:41:02 AM

Search for e.t. essays hat there are some very basic characteristics that will guide us when we consider life elsewhere in the 3 Universe." ( Paper buy dissertation research papers buy assignment essay online & Couper, 1989, paragraph 7 ) Life on Earth shows immense diversity. From organisms such as sea slugs to the human being. All life on Earth are made up of the same basic units, cells. Each cell is built up from chains of carbon, the most important element to our existance. Within our own solar system only 1 out of 9 planets defines as having life as we know it. According to some scientists Mars our sister planet cheap write my essay citizen kane review have started to harbor life early in its evolution but some catastrophic event caused Mars to become the barren frozen wasteland it appears to be today. for our solar system alone 2 out of 9 planets that have or may have had life aren't very bad odds for extraterrestrial life throughout the Universe. Most skeptics of extraterrestrial life or at least of intelligent extraterrestrial life existing are those that believe in Creation rather than evolution. Creation, in Christianity states that in seven days the Sun, Earth, and all life on Earth were created by a superior spiritual being, or God. This paper was not written to argue whether any of this is true, or debate the existance of God but just states the opposing views of those who believe intelligent life is non-existant elsewhere in the Universe. I believe that write my professional expository essay on founding fathers human race would very much like to feel that we are the only intelligent life forms in the Universe. To believe that we are the only intelligent What do you think of my Essay? forms in the universe makes us feel special and gives our life a purpose that no other being can experience. To have proof of other intelligent life existing would give humans such a cultural shock that some have said that our social, economic and political systems would be thrown off balance.( Cornet, 1995, paragraph 10) Religious, and social chaos would become rampant. To wrap up the question outlined we must touch on the question of whe.

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