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Claudius essays udying history, were to stand him in good stead when he came to power. During the reign of Gaius, Claudius entered on his belated public career as Gaius’ colleague in the consulship of 37. Despite this entry into public life Claudius seemed destined for a relatively quiet and secluded life until the day of Gaius’ assassination, on the 24th January AD 41. Gaius’ reign saw the emerging importance of the Praetorian Guard as maker and breaker of emperors and on the day of Gaius’ assassination Claudius was carried to the camp of the Praetorian Guard where he allowed them to acclaim him emperor and to swear their allegiance to him. Their resolution was in fact fortified by a promise from Claudius to give a donative of 15,000 sesterces to each man setting a regrettable precedent for emperors succeeding Claudius. In their enthusiasm at the death of Gaius, the senate had debated the possibility of restoring the republic or, if not, who among them would be made Princeps, but in Gibbons famous words as quoted by Scullard “While the senate deliberated, the Praetorian Guards had resolved.” On the 24th January AD 41 the senate was forced to acquiesce in the nomination of Claudius and to grant him the title Augustus bestowing upon him the titles and powers of his predecessors. From this time on Claudius held the support of the Praetorian guard, an element Claudius needed to rule successfully. Among Claudius' first acts was writing my research paper organisms of the african savanna apprehension and execution of Gaius' assassins including Chaerea the member of the Praetorian Guard responsible for the essay writing service reviews australia. Whatever his opinion of their actions, politics and pietas required that Claudius not be seen to condone men who murdered an emperor and a member of his buy essay online cheap anselms argument family. Following this he cancelled Gaius’ acts including most of his taxes and allowed a return of exiles under an amnesty including Gaius’ two sisters. Claudius was aware that the Principate needed to be modifie.

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