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Sunday, August 19, 2018 6:29:11 PM

Jay gatsby's downfall essays Love is a very important thing in one's life. Many people will never experience love, while others are crushed by it. In Gatsby's longing for Daisy and his desperate obsession for what used to be, Gatsby bring on his own downfall. In F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan emerges as a character that portrays the epitome of true love. The complexity of the character of Daisy subdues itself to simple form when it comes to her happiness. Her happiness is based solely on money and property alone, but this money also allows Tom to continually dominate her. Daisy's adoration for materialistic objects and stability prove her to be shallow and incapable of true love for Jay Gatsby. Daisy is identified as superior and so rich that she is incapable of being in love with anyone unlike or less than her. Daisy's lack of courage to leave Tom and genuine concern for their daughter, make it impossible help writing my paper living with schizoaffective disorder Daisy to commit into a relationship with Gatsby. Brian Sutton confirms, "Daisy realizes that she lacks the emotional clarity and fortitude to leave her husband in favor of Gatsby" (95). No matter how much money Gatsby has or whatever he does, he can never change Daisy and what happened ov! er essay on fashion then and now past five years. Daisy displays all of the qualities that Gatsby desires, but is incapable of fulfilling his aspirations for life-long love. Jay Gatsby has earned all of his money and lived his whole life, in hopes to win Daisy's affection. Gatsby's checkered past of bootlegging, shows that he would stop at nothing to have Daisy. Daisy's rare elegance offers Gatsby a difficult time of separating money and love. Jay's attempt to pursue Daisy fails due to her inability to leaver her past and his inability to lead a life without all the false glamour. John Callahan explains, "The experience of love deeply moves and changes Gatsby, but need help do my essay analyzing shakespears sonnet 5 pervasive is the culture of material success that his new reverence and tenderness towa.

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