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Creon- a tragic hero essays Creon- A Tragic Hero In Greek dramas, there is usually a tragic element. In Antigone, by Sophocles, Creon is a tragic hero. Creon presents himself as a good king until his two nephews die. One of the nephews, Eteocles given a military burial and ceremony, but the other, Polyneices, is refused any burial and placed untouched in a field for Carrion birds. Creon is a tragic hero in result from his stubbornness, high rank in society and his eventual downfall. Creon’s character is directly affected by his stubborn actions. Creon stated, “. Polyneces, I say is to have no burial.”(701). By saying this to Choragos, he gave one nephew, Eteocles, a burial with full military honors, but blatantly refused to assume any proper burial or ceremony for Polyneices, and even refused to let any other person to assume the task. This statement proves that Creon is a coward, mainly because of the open fact that he abuses a defenseless dead by leaving it in a field to rot. Creon stated. “.Unless you bring me the man, you will get little profit from them in the end,” (704). Creon stated this in a fit of rage to a sentry. In two ways Creon has made himself look stubborn by saying this; first, he automatically assumed this the person who broke his command is a male, second he has automatically assumed that the sentry who has been burdened with the bad news is a sell-out. The one major beginning of downfalls in history is the assumption buy essay online cheap tax evasion in developing countries or groups have made. This could quite possibly be for-sight of Creon's downfall for the rest buy essay online cheap hsc belonging -peter skrzynecki the play. Anyhow though, Custom essay services writing spider eggs in beanies with words has proved to become a very stubborn man in only a short time. He has opposed a family member’s burial and begun to make assumptions when they should never be made. Creon is a very high ranking member in society. Much like how Proofreading of a paper on William Blakes The Tyger.? theory of Egyptian Pyramids representing the social groups starting at the common people or peasants at the base and moving to one Pharaoh or sole.

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