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Ferguson “fergie” jenkins: a canadian sports leader essays When most people hear online online essay help getting a story analysis paper sample Canadian Athletics, the first thing that comes to mind is hockey. Hockey has been a great symbol for our nation but has become so big that Canadians are usually overlooked in other sports. Canadians are very diverse, especially in athletics, which might surprise many people. Some of the most well known are Wayne Gretzky in hockey, Kurt Browning in figure skating, Paul Tracy in car racing, Steve Nash in basketball, Mike Weir in golf, and the list goes on. But the most overlooked athlete in Canada is Ferguson Jenkins, a professional baseball player. Ferguson Jenkins also known as “Fergie” is the greatest Canadian sports leader of all time. Ferguson Jenkins is a native of Canada, and grew up playing many sports such as baseball, hockey, and basketball. He was very cheap write my essay philosphy and life is what you make of it in all but it was baseball that he decided to stick with and it paid off. After graduating from high school has was drafted by the Philadelphia Philies and flourished on the field for nineteen seasons, demonstrating his dominance from his first pitch until his last. What made Jenkins so unique from the rest of the greats was that he was not a power pitcher, but threw a barrage of pitches with outstanding control. He is going to always be remembered as the ultimate control pitcher in the game, establishing the best finesse record in the 129 years of organized baseball. Throughout his magnificent career he accomplished many feats. For example, he “is the only pitcher in history to record more than 3,000 strike-outs (3,192), while giving up less than 1,000 walks (997).”1 He is also rated very high in almost every single pitching category, being first in 20 odd different groupings. The only down fall to his career was that he never had a chance to play need help writing my paper shut up everyone the post season playoffs where he could have received the proper recognition that he deserved. Succeeding his retirement in 1983, Fergie was inducted to the Canadian Baseball Ha.

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