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Thursday, August 02, 2018 7:26:47 PM

The five best television shows essays Watching Purchase research papers writing help! any style is usually an every day occurance for the vast majority of people in the world. With New shows starting every day, basic cable provides a large range of shows and series. There are many entertaining, and not so entertaining shows on television. The five best shows still on T.V. are That 70’s Show, Seinfeild, Fresh Prince, The Simpsons, and Friends. The fifth best television show is Seinfield. Seinfeild is a show that really is about nothing, and has no real plot at all. The show is about everyday things that happen to Jerry Seinfeild and his friends. This show at times can be absolutely hilarious because every thing seems real and likely to happpen. The Fourth best show is Fresh Prince. Fresh Prince is a show about a Philidelphia born black teenager Will Smith, who moves to a very up scale part of L.A. with his rich side of the family. Will Smith is always in and out of trouble with his Uncle Phil or doing something his Uncle Phil Wouldn’t aprove upon. Nearly ever scene in every show is comical and any entertaining. The Third best show is The Simpsons. This is a cartoon that will keep u laughing the whole show. The show is based around the Simpsons family starring the dad of the family who is named Homer. Homer with the IQ of about a dog is constantly hurting himself or doing something stupid. This show need help writing my paper wal-mart international success and failure legendary and no cartoon will ever compare to it. The second best show ever is Friends. Friends is show that is Purchase research papers writing help! any style around of group of six friends. The six friends have the perfect mixture of drama, comidy, love, and suspense to keep you wanting to know what is happening in the next episode. Friends also often has big stars like Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt as a co star in certain shows. The actors on Friends are payed more then any other cast of any show, at a measily one million dollars an episode. The best show on television today is most deffinently That 70’s Show. The show is based around a g.

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