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Sunday, August 19, 2018 8:11:48 PM

“a constitution for a few” essays “A Constitution for a Few” Were would we be now without the Constitution? Ruled by some feudalistic society, governed by some dictatorship, I do not know, but it would not be good. We are where we are today in means of our own personal and mutual liberties because of the Constitution and the roles created for the government it established; to keep the powers of the government balanced, and ever-evolving with its society. Parenti tries to create sympathy for how hard the farms of that time period had it, “….surviving in a one-room house or log cabin….”. (Parenti 44) But the truth is that no matter when or where certain people have always had it harder than others. This will never change, no matter what the government is. Parenti raves that beginning with the Philadelphia Convention to the creation and ratification of the Help writing my paper sound localization and hearing protection devices the motives need help writing my paper beowulf, the oldest and best poetic epic agenda of the delegates were those of deception and self-preservation. (Parenti 50) But the motives of the framers of the Constitution had to be pure, because they were successful in creating a working document that has lasted for centuries and has been able to represent all people. The Framers of the Constitution help writing my paper marriage is a sacred union between man and woman justified in their decisions regarding the Constitution, not because they were the wealthy landowners who answered to no one, but because they were the representatives for a nation, and had to answer to everyone. Of course they could not get the opinions of all the citizens on the final amended Constitution since many people lived vast distances apart from each other. And thus making it nearly impossible to have the Constitution completed within the time constraints needed to keep the government together. Today the Constitution itself is a strong symbol of self-determination and freedom. Parenti cannot see how the Constitution has worked for so long, but I can say how did he ever doubt it. It was created to evolve and change with its society.

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