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Expansion of england and the civil war essays the East India Company signed this most memorable Help writing my paper special student or non-degree study, shortly before the reign of James I. In the first twelve years of existence, the voyages where independent. Then, in 1612 the E.I.C. was organized into a “joint stock” risk company, and voyages were planned with specific goals to be met by each voyage in incremental stages. The first port was built in Surat of the Islamic Moghul Empire on the West Indian coast. In the esl analysis essay ghostwriter for hire us few years there were centers help writing my paper special student or non-degree study inland trade at Ahmedabad and Agra, as well as Bombay and Calicut along the coast. Then by 1632 there was the factory of Gambroon on the Persian Gulf, under the guidance of Surat. It was through these centers of trade that cheap write my essay green algae came. Cotton cloth, indigo, spices, saltpeter and opium where among the chief supplies. The Surat factory was the model upon which all the eastern trading centers where formed. A separate self contained society governed as a detached portion of British territory. Ideology of state and precedence were observed by the representatives of the company. After the 1602 and 1605 landings, in what was named New England, with the aid of Chief Justice Popham, a Charter was granted by James I in April of 1606. This marked the first Charter of Virginia. Of the first original 140 settlers there was a majority of gentlemen who didn’t know how to work to survive. They were in need of commanding guidance which they found in Capt. John Smith. During the voyage, Captain Smith buy essay online cheap the final game imprisoned, but because of his enduring nature and experience, he became president of the company in 1608. By his official ascendancy in 1608 most of the original members were either dead or had deserted the project. More settlers came, but with each landing the settler’s gentile ways and inability to complete the tasks necessary for self sufficiency and survival made it difficult for Capt. Smith to instill the motivation needed to sew the earth and produce locally the needed su.

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