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Flaws of the odyssey essays All Titles, Including This One, Are Flawed It would seem that man has come a long way since the time of Homer, yet there are still many universal flaws in man that are unchanging and timeless. In Homers The Odyssey the flaws of man Business recommendation letter sample
traits such as man's distrusting nature, man's survival based on others' misfortune, and man's nature to gain unworthy assistance through pity. These vices are universal, and no one, not even the immortals, can eliminate them. One of man’s main flaws is his distrusting nature. Even Odysseus is wary of others until they have proven trustworthy. Since Kalypso has not yet proven herself persuasive essay ghostwriters site uk Odysseus, Odysseus does not feel that he should trust her even when her intentions are pure. Because of his mistrust, when Kalypso tries to send Odysseus on his way, he buy essay online cheap rhetoric essay his suspicion by saying, “I will not go aboard any raft without your good will, nor unless, goddess, you can bring yourself to swear me a great oath that this is not some painful trial that you are planning against me."(92) Even though Kalypso is a goddess-nymph, Odysseus still will not put his trust in her. In order to depend on Kalypso, the greater gods must assure him that she means no harm. Another flaw that Homer addresses in The Odyssey is how man survives on the how to write an assignment statement in sashimi of others. Throughout the book, when man is faced with a larger challenge, he uses cleverness and strength to get himself out of a situation at another’s expense. Odysseus especially uses his craftiness to work his way out of difficult situations, such as with the Cyclops. First Odysseus tries to trick the Cyclops with his crafty words and luscious wine. Short Essay on Drug Abuse and its ? enemy then becomes amused by him and he swears to kill Nobody last, “then I will east Nobody after his friends, and the others I will eat first, and that shall be my guest present to you.”(146) He then uses his guile to overwhelm him. However, when Odysseus faces an enemy .

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