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Saturday, August 04, 2018 6:39:21 AM

Field experience essays This field observation was a very new eye opener for me personally. When I arrived at the school I didn’t believe that the school was an elementary school building. It was incredibly well designed and the children seemed to enjoy every moment of it. My teacher, Ms. Henry was extremely comfortable and familiar with her students, as well as was her students comfortable with her and her teacher assistants. When I entered the classroom I noticed that she was feeding her students pudding and juice. The average age esl research paper proofreading sites usa that was in the class was between 2-4 yrs old. I found that very interesting, but all the while she was also incorporating speech therapy with their meal time. As the children wanted more pudding and/or juice, Ms. Henry and her assistants would verbalize words so the children could model the form of their mouths and say or attempt to say the word themselves. About 90% of this activity was beneficial from what I observed Professional Writing Service | Best ? day. The children cleaned up after they were finished and prepared to go outside and play. Before we could leave one student had to get changed because he had a bowl movement and the T.A. (teacher assistant) took him in another room to change him. Once the T.A. and student joined us the teachers walked down the different halls to get to the playground area. As we were walking through the building, the teachers showed Professional Writing Service | Best ? the different rooms essay concerning human understanding book 3 are in the school and the purpose for each room. When we reached the playground Ms. Henry discovered that the preschoolers were outside. They don’t allow the different age groups to play together primarily because of their disabilities and handicaps. So re were rerouted to the indoor playroom where there were all types of playing devices that Apush dbq thesis help very accessible to the children and their disabilities. The playground was equipped with cushioned playing devices to secure the children’s safety zone. I found that extremely responsible and carin.

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