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The downfall of edmund through power in king lear essays The Downfall of Edmund Through Power Power and domination play significant roles in maintaining the basic structure upon which society is built. The position of or incentive for gaining authority often leads to the destruction of morals and can determine the path of ones life. Power and its influence can control the political, social and financial dominance of a person or character. In William Shakespeare’s King Lear, power plays a major role in directing the path which a character’s life takes. It is Edmund’s inheritance and lust for power that transforms his character and ultimately leads to his downfall. Before Edmund obtains power, his life style was well off, but upon the acquisition of power he becomes greedy, self involved and unmerciful and in the end he has no one and nothing. Ultimately, the result do i need my divorce papers to file taxes gaining such power destroys his morals, character and becomes the foundation of his death. Although Edmund is socially branded as an illegitimate son, and recognized as being at the base of society, he has not yet become corrupt by the means of holding power. Before obtaining any such authority, Edmund is known as the typical well-spoken, polite young gentleman. He is considered to be as much help writing top analysis essay on pokemon go son of Gloucester, his father as that of his legitimate brother, Edgar. Even legitimate Edgar goes against the societal norm and speaks to him in quality custom essays reviews on hydroxycut elite gnc health brotherly manner: “How now, brother Edmund? What serious contem-/plation [sic] are you in?” (I.ii.138-139). Edmund is also regarded very highly by Gloucester who hindrances to the growth of political thought essay that “His breeding, sir, hath been at my charge”(I.i.9). Gloucester thus publicly recognizes Edmund to be his child. Edmund was also introduced to the Earl of Kent, a loyal servant to King Lear and was told by Gloucester to “Remember him hereafter as/ My honourable friend” (I.i.27-28). The act of introducing an illegitimate child to a friend was very rare in the Elizabethan era and shows the grea.

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