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Monday, August 06, 2018 12:54:35 AM

Little orphan annie by harold gray essays Little Orphan Annie, a comic strip written by Harold Gray, first buying research papers online 99 in newspapers on August 5, 1924, and quickly became a great success. His strip caught the attention of many people at that time because it deals with many situations where they felt they can relate to. It was very popular during the great depression in America, for it talked about different social problems people faced. In general, it is a story of a poor orphan girl who works hard to find the light in her life and finally receives it as a result of her hard work and good behavior, which is why the strip is loved by many young children. It also attracted older people because it carries important political messages. Gray succeeds at cheap write my essay mtr report fans from different ages by discussing issues which they feel related to. The strip was most famous during the 1930’s, when the American society was struggling from the great depression. Gray intended to discuss some of these struggles the people faced to reflect the society he lived in. One of the main problems he mentions in his strip is poverty. Most people were very poor they could not afford bringing up their children, which is why most of them had to give them away to orphanages. As a result of poverty, the society was in chaos. There was too much crime, because some people felt that it was their only way to survive life. Little Orphan Annie boasts the history of the American society during the great depression by discussing major issues people dealt with. As a Persuasive speeches on smoking writinghelpgetessaybid comic strip, Hundreds of thousands of kids eagerly awaited each new edition of the strip in the newspaper. Young admirers are influenced by the strip’s moral messages. One of the important themes in the strip is optimism which teaches children to view life from the bright side. These children idealize and idolize young Annie who influences them to be dreamers and never give up what they believe in. Another important .

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