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Monday, August 13, 2018 2:20:38 PM

Malcom x essays A man was brought into this world on May 19,1925 top reflective essay editor website for school serve his people and help them open many doors. This man started of as a nobody and is now known to the world as being one of America’s greatest Civil Rights leaders. Malcolm X Little was the 4th child born to Reverend Earl and Louise Little. He also had 3 half siblings. His dad believed in self-determination and worked for the unity of black people and tried to teach Malcolm the popular rhetorical analysis essay editor website uk way. His dad tried to raise Malcolm to be aware of his ethnic background and dignity. Violence was always sparked by white people that were trying to popular rhetorical analysis essay editor website uk black people such as Rev. Little. (Malcolm’s father) After he was born his family quite a few times before he they finally settled in Lansing, Michigan. His father became active in the University of Negro improvements Assoc. he also go involved in the Black Baptist Church. Throughout Malcolm’s life he was dedicated to black people. I guess you could say that he followed in the footsteps of his father. Even though Malcolm, his brothers, sisters, and parents were all shot, burned out of their homes, harassed, and threatened they still fought for their freedom and for what they believed in. This culminated in the assassination of his father by the white people. When Malcolm was only 6 years of age his father was shot and died. Popular rhetorical analysis essay editor website uk all this happened to Malcolm throughout his life he still continued to go to school. HE graduated 8th grade with good grades, just as he thought his father would have wanted him to do. At the age of 15 Malcolm dropped out of school and began to learn the ways of the streets. He became acquainted with hoodlums, thieves, dope peddlers, and pimps. When he was twenty Malcolm was convicted of burglary, and he remained in prison till he was 27. While he was in prison he began to educated himself and he learned about and joined the Nation of Islam. He studied the teachings of Elijah Muhammad fully. In 1952 he was released .

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