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Bowling industry information technology essays There are two main systems in place in most bowling centers. Included are the point of sale system, and the lane interface system. Order essay online cheap a lost word systems complete many tasks in the women empowerment essay brainstorming for writers center. First we will describe the point of sale and back office system, and then we will explain the AMF Advantage lane interface system. Touchbowl 2.0 is AMF’s point of sale and back office software. In front of the house operations it makes transactions with customers, suppliers, and it is a time clock. Touchbowl utilizes touch screen technology to provide quicker service. Typical bowling centers have three touchbowl “nodes,” which are point of sale systems. They are dispersed at the front desk, snack bar, and in the lounge. These POS terminals send information to the back office computer through a network. The back office computer reports this information. The information is categorized in various ways, it shows different items sold, how many of an order essay online cheap a lost word at what price, supplier payouts, and it calculates payroll. The back office computer is also used as a marketing tool with the AMF Playbook program. It has marketing information and usable flyers and artwork. The AMF Advantage is the computer that turns the lanes on, keeps league bowler information, reports the information, and it controls the AMF Accuscore automatic scoring system. It is a necessary part of operating the business. Upon turning on a lane, the operator must distinguish a rate category for the games that are being bowled. The Advantage counts every ball that is rolled and then it puts those games in whatever category the operator chose. For example, 8 games were bowled in rate category “2” which is 3.75 per game. The Advantage also does league bookkeeping. All of the scores from the Accuscorers are sent to the Advantage and then the Advantage generates many different statistics and reports for leagues and league bowlers. One of the important reports that it generates Writing services for college papers grace baptist the l.

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