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Saturday, August 18, 2018 6:57:03 AM

Gilgamesh1 essays Sublett 1 Susan Sublett 03/14/00 Classics of World Need help do my essay unreliable narrators. Honors Dr.Haavisto Gilgamesh: A Glance at Custom essay service toronto raptors logos ethos and pathos history the stories, poems, and songs have all held common themes. They help to explain the importance of certain aspects of life, and one of these is friendship. Friendship is a necessary aspect of life. In the ancient Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh, friendship plays an avid part of the story. Gilgamesh is an oppressive king and Enkidu is like the king of the animals (“Gilgamesh”). The power of friendship is shown throughout the story in the actions of the characters. Friendship is first shown soon after Gilgamesh and Enkidu meet. “A companion who is your equal In strength a person loyal to a friend, Who will not forsake you and whom you Will never wish to leave” (Gilgamesh 19 ). Gilgamesh had been told that he would soon find a friend. Enkidu was Gilgamesh’s equal so the people of the city mistook him and started to praise Enkidu and this caused their meeting. “In the silence of the people they began to laugh And clutched each other in their breathless exaltation” (24). What started in a fight ended up being a budding of a wonderful friendship. Gilgamesh and Enkidu’s bond of friendship was immediately strong. They were like brothers, and, decided to fight evil together. Their adventure is another example of friendship. “They had embraced and made their vow To stay together always, No matter what the obstacle “(27). Throughout the fight against Humbaba up until the death Sublett 2 of Enkidu, they were inseperateable. Although Enkidu was mute and physically hurt, one friend would help the other when their weakness was evident. An example of this is when Ishtar sent the Bull of Heaven down to kill Gilgamesh. “ Enkidu, to protect his friend, Found strength” (45). Enkidu used his knowledge of animals cheap write my essay mathematical systems of knowledge destroy the bull, but it cost need help do my essay unreliable narrators his life. A true test.

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