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Tuesday, July 31, 2018 9:05:18 AM

How concentration affects reaction rate essays place they are going to have a lot more collisions and because they are having lots of collisions the chances are that they will have a successful collision a lot more quickly than if they weren’t. This basically means that reaction rate is increased as temperature increases. I believe that temperature is directly proportional to reaction rate. As you can see the graph is partly true to the above statement but gradually starts to curve off, this is because at a point the intense temperature will start to boil the liquids which means they will start to evaporate and concentration will be affected. Catalyst: Activation energy is usually the amount of energy required to start a chemical reaction. A catalyst is a substance able to increase reaction rate whilst itself undergoes no change is mass or chemical composition. It does this by offering an alternative route for the reaction by lowering activation energy. The result is that a greater proportion of the unsuccessful collisions become successful collisions because they can meet the lower energy requirement. So there is an increase of “successful collisions” and the rate increases without increases in temperature. In some custom essay writing services reviews work this can mean a lower temperature can be employed. An example could be hydrogen peroxide and catalase, catalase helps breakdown hydrogen peroxide into women and gender studies essay ghostwriter services and oxygen. Concentration: Concentration of a reactant affects reaction rate because there are more frequent successful collisions. Assume a person has two chemicals x and y, which react when put together. If all input variables remained constant apart from concentration then fastest reaction rate possible would be to mix (in equal quantities which means 1 mole of x reacts with 1 mole of y) x and y together in their purest forms. This is because every Obesity in the Adult Population and the Professional Nurse?s Role Paper essay websites an x molecule collides into a molecule it has a 50% chance of it being a y molecule. But if you removed half of y and replaced it with a .

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