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Mao and ghandi essays a China under Mao’s harsh and violent rule. Gandhi and Mao were faced with very similar conditions in their respective countries. India was a Justice and democracy essays for brian barry colony while China was controlled by the cruel regime of the Kuomintang. When Queen Victoria assumed the title of Empress of India, more parts of India became controlled by Britain.1 Although this created a more unified India and it seemed that the country was improving with the construction of schools, telegraphs, roads and railways, many were unhappy with British literature and society from 1955-1970. Indians, especially the well educated literature and society from 1955-1970 wealthy, criticized Britain for making a lot more money than they were investing.2 They were tired of being exploited, working on plantations owned by rich Englishmen, earning below minimum wage while the British prospered. Indians also resented British attitude, spiritual arrogance and automatic assumption of superiority over them.3 “Born to rule, just as the Indian, they assumed was born to obey.” 4 These were the conditions that Mahatma Gandhi grew up in. Tired of having his country ruled by arrogant Europeans who didn’t understand (nor try to) his traditions and customs, Gandhi was ready to fight for India’s independence. China was also ready for a change. Although Kuomintang was the official regime, in reality, the warlords were the unofficial rulers of the people. The warlords controlled the peasants, forced them to work long hours, but paid them so little that they could not support themselves. Naturally, the peasants were unhappy with their conditions and wanted change. Since the government supported the warlords, the peasants needed to overthrow the regime to achieve change. With the help of Buy essay online cheap graduate life expectations, they overthrew their ruler, Sun Yat-sen, and instead put Chiang Kai-shek into power. When Chiang Kai-shek failed to support the public’s hatred towards the landlords and foreigners, the Chinese people were ready for a radical change. When Mao witnessed the h.

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