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International criminal court essays World Politics International Criminal Court In the United States when a criminal goes from state to state it is hard to tell who has jurisdiction over the case. This is a problem because different states have different laws. Also different states may have more sever punishment for a crime than another state. The same is true for international criminals. Many a time a criminal will leave the country in do my essay for me blouses they have committed the crime so as to avoid prosecution. Then the country they go to will not extradite them back to the country the crime was committed in and the criminal gets off with no punishment. Or, sometimes there are international criminals. Who prosecutes them? Countries often have radically different legal systems. Some countries are more radical about the steps they take against criminals then others. All these questions have been arising. Many seem to think the answer is in the creation of an international criminal court. An international criminal court was created. It was adopted on July 17, 1998. But Animal rights persuasive essay - Pay ? was the thinking behind it? What were the steps taken to create this international criminal court? What countries favored it and which ones were opposed to it? Let’s now take a look at the answers to these questions. The idea for an international criminal court is not a new idea but rather it is one hundred years old. Many crimes and many criminals have gone unpunished because they do not do i need my divorce papers to file taxes under one country’s jurisdiction. Genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity have all gone unpunished. Originally, a lot of the work to establish this international criminal court was being done by the French government as well as the government of Trinidad and Tobago. The war crimes that were committed during the Custom Essays Just $9.95/page - Custom Essay Writing Services between Bosnia-Herzgovina and Croatia as well as the issues that arose with the extradition from Libya have caused many other counties to get behind and support .

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