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Tuesday, August 07, 2018 10:25:57 PM

The buy essay online cheap government branches within essays Within the Hero John Proctor plays the ultimate hero role in the book Women and gender studies essay ghostwriter services Crucible, by Arthur Miller, because he chooses to protect himself, his friends and his community from ridicule, humiliation and tyranny. John does this by devoting to his beliefs, breaking with the community, and dying with his own self-respect. John Proctor was a farmer in his mid 30’s. He was married to Elizabeth Proctor, a cold, childish but upright woman who first cannot forgive her husband’s frailties, they together have three children. John was a good Christian for the most part. He was a very proud man, who was considered a leader by many of the townspeople. John made one large mistake and it was having an affair with their servant Abigail Williams. Although he confessed the affair to his wife, she never fully forgave him. Even though Abigail Will pay to do my homework besttoppaperessay.org lusted for Proctor, he said that he would "Cut off his hand before he’ll ever reach for her again" (89) In the book there is struggle within to have a sense of belonging to society. Proctor is a very good example of a struggle to paper presentation on nanotechnology upenn kelly writers a place in society. He’s the type of person that wants to plow his fields on the good days even if the good day is only on Sunday. The issue to make a living with his crops gets him into trouble with the very religious Puritan community of Salem. If there were one thing wrong about John it would be that he is too much of an honest man. John Proctor only got involved with this whole witch trial that is going within this small town, because of Abigail Williams. After Abigail came into his life he started to not believe in himself; therefore, he tries to ignore the events in Salem. After being tried for witchcraft and condemned to death, John refuses to confess. But he doesn’t want to die because of some witches that are just making lies. Hale, a minister who is a recognized authority on witchcraft, doesn’t want Proctor to be put to his death. I.

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