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Thursday, August 09, 2018 6:16:01 AM

A midsummer nights dream essays Hollywood Casting Co. In the cheap write my essay cost management case study, A midsummer’s night dream, the readers are presented with a wide variety of characters. After reviewing the book, I have decided to attempt to make a movie out of it. A midsummer’s night dream provides a witty cast, funny plot Papers of unmatched quality best essays a challenge I am looking forward to facing! The first thing I wanted to do buy essay online cheap ethical decision making in education this movie was to pick the cast. This proved to be the most fun of the movie making process and I though very hard about who I was going to pick. The first character I wanted to cast was Robin Goodfellow, or Puck. Puck is definitely my favorite character because he’s a jester. Puck tends to be the protagonist in the story and causes most of the problems the characters are faced with. I view Puck as a goofy, clumsy character, only looking for laughs. For Puck, I choose Jim Carry. Jim has shown his ability to be funny, annoying, emotional and entertaining throughout his career. Jim’s ability to be serious and totally wacky at the same time makes him a perfect candidate for the role of Puck. The next character I choose to cast was Oberon. To me, Oberon is the head protagonist. He sends Puck to drop the love cheap write my essay cost management case study on Titania’s eyes, causing major confusion and problems. Oberon, being the king of the fairies, plays an important role in the story. For Oberon, I choose to cast the actor that plays the dark lord in the movie, the lord of the rings. The actor, cheap write my essay cost management case study I will call Joe Smo, did a terrific job in Lord of the rings and I find he would be perfect for Oberon. His appeal plays perfectly into the role of a fairy king and a man looking for revenge. Joe Smo’s chilling white hair, tall stature, and narrow face make him look like a real king of fairies. .

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