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Thursday, August 02, 2018 6:00:36 PM

Dods essays There has been a persistent problem between the white and black communities around the world even if there are small accusations or even stereotypes. There is never any justice served although, the quality custom essays reviews black swan movie has gotten a lot better as to compared to years in the past. In the book, Alchemy of Rights and Race, Patricia J. Williams writes of a case focused on a fifteen-year old black girl “who was found in a vacant lot in a shirt and cheap write my essay confidentiality group project plastic garbage bag … there was a urine soaked cotton in her nose and ears; her hair had been chopped off; there were cigarette burns over a third of her body; “KKK” and “Nigger” had been inscribed on her torso; her body was smeared with dog feces. (pg. 169)” This case was brought to trial and the little fourteen year old black girl was accused that she was making it up and changing her story around to find attention and solve other disturbing problems that she had. There was never justice that was brought to this case. Maybe because she descri! bed her rapists and abusers as six white men and in essays to write and requires lots of perseverance a “white cop.” How could a probably white judge and jury convict a high stature cop to this heinous crime? That is something that pondered Patricia while she stood there, a black woman herself, and watched it happen. The criminals who were labeled were dismissed and Tawana Brawley, the little girl, was accused of faulty information and therefore never found closure in the case. The media was brought into this case, which even brings more attention to this later making between the black and white communities. Media exploits those who have been harmed and puts it out there for the rest of the world to see rather than helping them out. For instance after the case was drawn out, media coverage only offered dozens of myths and stories to draw the distraction away from cheap write my essay blades plc parity relations in international finance who should be responsible for the incident. A sample of these alluring distractions include: ‘Tawana’s .

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