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A private life essays seeing how her father treats her and her mother, his dominance and authority causes Niuniu to reject the male power. According to males and traditional values, women are constantly considered as less inferior and portrayed as obedient and submissive to men. They tolerate the horrible treatments that men gave them and cannot utter a word. As an observer of her mother’s treatment, Nin Niuniu struggles to realized that the authority of men suppress her ability cheap write my essay the concept of sociological perspective of deviance being an individual and violates her desire for existence. “I turned Library of congress free essay
, picked up the scissors, and went straight to the woolen trousers on the bed. I heard the clipping sound of scissors against wool as I sheared off pay to write a paper good research legs of the neatly ironed trousers, and felt a cold lightning flash dangerous joy that left me with a sort of postclimactic numbness (34)”. Niuniu’s rage to cut off the legs of her father’s trousers shows the anger that dealt inside of her. She takes out her anger with the scissors. “Because the impulse to pick up those scissors was part of a very vague and subtle psychological process. In our house, writers for hire uk from w hen I was a little girl, scissors were one of the things that I was forbidden to touch; also the sound of scissors cutting something could generate in me a pleasant and subtle sensation pay to write a paper good research resolution, like a tingling vibration of an electrical current pulsing through my blood. And on top of these factors, it had something are custom essay services legal seafoods restaurant in king do with the constraints my father placed upon us (36)” This shows that she does not want to be oppress by her father nor does sh.

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