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Wednesday, August 01, 2018 3:21:43 PM

Binge drinking and drug use in college essays Today, campus life isn’t what it used to be. Teenagers who left high school, honor roll students and all of their peers who are entering college, or students who have already entered college are at risk of succumbing to binge drinking and drug use. Some students may have been straight arrows in high buy essay online cheap social work psychosocial assessment, while others may have already involved themselves in these activities, but nevertheless, this is a very real problem and not many schools realize its importance. Recently, I visited my girlfriend at Willamette University in Salem Oregon. Two days after I arrived was Tuesday and little to my knowledge this was “Tipsy Tuesday”. As soon as classes were buy essay online cheap gerard manley hopkins, nearly everybody, (including myself) either headed to a Frat House or some other drunken social function. By about midnight I was shocked and somewhat frightened at what I saw. I thought to myself "are my eyes deceiving me?" Everywhere I looked there were hammered people; trashed girls crying, sitting on the paved pathways, and loaded guys falling all over the damn place! I’m not saying that I have never witnessed a human get drunk before, but in such large quantities? An ordinance in the town doesn’t let police get involved unless necessary. How to finish homework fast at night your, nobody gets in trouble except maybe a little school work crew if you are underage. While in this party at this frat house, I think it was Phi Delta Ki or something of that nature, the students were drinking HRD Vodka, which is the cheapest stuff you can get in Oregon. It is like $13.00 a Literary analysis essay writing guide Others were drinking out of a beer bong, which buy essay online cheap social work psychosocial assessment a device involving a long tube and a funnel, that enables you to drink multiple beers at once. Personally, I thought this was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Most schools offer alcohol classes of some kind, but they are optional if you are of age to drink. I think that campus officials need to step it up and at least take a little action on this behavior because they di.

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