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Style analysis of huck finn essays Style Analysis In this passage in “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” Mark Twain’s style incorporates tone, diction, and detail; he uses these techniques to create an image and convey a message to the reader. These elements are used to contrast life on the shore with life on the river. The tone of this passage is both scary and peaceful. In the beginning of the passage when Huck is on the shore, the tone that he gives off is a scared one. The passage starts with Huck hiding in a tree, “he wished he was out of the tree,” but he “dasn’t” come down; this shows that Huck is scared. When Huck heard the “bang!” from the three or four guns and when he heard the men shout “kill them,” it made him “so sick” that he almost buying research papers online 99 out of the tree.” Huck was terrified of these men, he wished he “hadn’t ever come ashore that night to see such things,” this image was stuck in his head he was not “ever going to get shut of them.” Towards the end of the passage when Huck is on the river, the tone is a peaceful one. The “two or three days and nights slid along so quiet and smooth and lovely,” this shows that Huck is finally at peace. Huck says that he “watched the daylight come,” it can be seen that he is happy. The use of diction, by Mark Twain, in this passage connotes different meanings; at first Huck is scared, and then he is at peace. At one point in the passage, Huck is scared to the point that cheap write my essay kellogg case book gets “sick” by just thinking about the men, and then Aligarh Movement Essay - Anti Essays on he “slid into the river and had a swim.” There are definite changes in tone, and by the use of diction, Mark Twain shows the reader how it has changed. When Buck heard Huck’s voice, he was “awful” surprised and informed Huck to “watch out sharp” for buy essay online cheap maggot therapy sign of the gunmen The choice of words used by Twain shows the urgency to get away from the men. The use words create a scary tone there on the shore. Th.

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