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Wednesday, August 08, 2018 4:21:29 AM

Musics effects on kids essays Cause and Effect Music artists can influence people in both good and bad cheap write my essay essay assignments history through their music and videos but it is up to us to be influenced by it or not. They influence us by the clothes and jewelry they wear and how they carry themselves. Although what they do should not influence some people more than others I how to write an good english essay not think they should be held responsible. They influence us by the clothes they wear because of what they have on when they are at award shows, in music videos, and other television programs. Some people are influenced by them because, like rappers, they have been through a lot of the same things you are going through and people appeal to that so when they are wearing certain clothes on television buy assignments online bible study they like they are more likely to go out and buy it because they think it is cool because someone rich and famous wore it. It is the same way with jewelry. Rappers used to wear a lot of gold, but now they wear platinum diamonds so now people are wearing more platinum and silver so that they can be like them. It goes on further than just clothes and jewelry though it goes to the cars they drive, the shoes they wear, and the houses they live in. They also influence our society by how they carry themselves. Part of how they carry themselves has a lot to do with how they dress and they possessions and things, but it also has to do with how they act and the places they go and what they do there. How they act influences society because if they act like a thug and someone who looks up to them sees that they might want to go out and be a thug and do some of the things that they did before they got famous. They see them on television throwing up gang signs and crip walking and doing things like that and they want to be apart of that because they think that’s cool. They also influence society by where they go because if they go to certain clubs or shop certain places people start doing it to because they want to Accounting Research Paper buying an essay

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