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Tuesday, August 14, 2018 10:01:27 AM

Sir gawain and the green knight essays You knew that the Green Knight was definitely different from all of the other characters pay to write my research paper quiz the minute he was introduced into the story. He had a wild and crazy appearance, and of course, his green coloration of his skin definitely made him standout from the rest of the knights and ladies of the king’s court. He also enters the court being very loud and obnoxious. My favorite quote is on page 165 line 309 when the green knight says “What is this Arthur’s house, whose fame is so fair in far realms and wide? Where are now your arrogance and your awesome deeds, your valor and your victories and your victories, and your vaunting words? Now are the revel and renown of the round table, overwhelmed with a word of one man’s speech, for all cower and quake, cheap write my essay callaway case no cut felt.” The Green Knight was totally mocking all of Arthur’s court, he seems to have no fear, and no one ever had done that cheap write my essay callaway case without getting killed. The green knight offers a challenge to anyone in the court to strike his neck with an axe, so King Arthur accepts the Green Knight's challenge, but Sir Gawain who just happened to be the youngest of King Arthur’s court steps cheap write my essay callaway case to the plate and decides that he will do it instead of the king. In my opinion the Green knight’s symbolism is that he is the ultimate challenge. It seems in most people’s lives that they encounter a nemesis. For example Superman’s weakness was Kryptonite; the Green Knight is Sir Gawains ultimate nightmare, the ultimate challenge if you will. The Green Knight later reveals his identity as Bertilak, when the story comes to a close. In my opinion this is one of the best stories in our text book, it kept my interest for most of the time. .

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