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Friday, August 17, 2018 7:48:34 AM

Drearydorm essays I arrived in Coos Bay on a very dreary Friday in September. I came here to become a firefighter. When I arrived at the fire station, I was greeted by a rather grim looking battalion chief. We exchanged greetings, and he led me to where I would be living for the next two years of my life. What I saw when I entered the room sent my jaw to the floor. Every wall was a dingy discolored white. You could see where ancient holes had been made and then poorly patched. Dark disfigured blinds shrouded the only windows. The furniture consisted of three chairs and a couch. All of witch looked as if they had been used to the point that they might collapse at any moment. At the opposite end of the room there was a dartboard. The board Creating Meaning and Identity through Consumption Essay was undoubtedly some garage sale reject that was donated to the previous cadets. Although holes littered the wall surrounding it, like a backdrop for an over zealous firing squad, there were no darts to be found. The room smelled of mildew from the leak in the far right popular phd essay ghostwriters service usa. At night the sound of the dripping from the ceiling and the cars driving past just Anyone good at writting English essays? (Macbeth)? my window was enough to keep me up for hours. My living area was composed of four small ash gray partitions, with a shower curtain where a door should be. The dresser I was provided was a particle board piece of trash, which was missing the bottom drawer. And my new bed wasn’t new at all, but looked older than myself. As I surveyed my new living area I wasn’t filled with a lot of hope for world without tv internet and mobile phones essay coming years. But knew that I would make the best out of what I had to work with. .

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