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Shiziko's daughter essays Shizuko’s Daughter, a novel written by Kyoki Mori, is about a bold and brilliant twelve-year-old Yuki Okundo who suffers the loss of her mother by suicide. Shizuko, Yuki’s need help do my essay the role of apartheid in south africa, is a loving mother with artistic talents that she has passed on to her daughter. Yuki’s ability to survive many losses is tested by many factors, but mainly by her heartless father and his new wife. Yuki’s coming of age is the result of the attack on her mother’s memory, her father and stepmother’s actions, mother’s memory, and her mother’s suicide. Yuki grows up strong and capable, and Shizuko has encouraged her daughter to be bold. Yuki fights boys and studies piano and she is also an outstanding student. Shizuko writes in her suicide note, "I do not do this rashly, but after much consideration. This is the best for all of us. Please do not feel guilty in any way. What has happened is entirely my responsibility. This is the best for myself as well as for you. I am almost happy at this last hour and wish you to be. In spite of this, please believe I love you. People will tell you that I’ve done this because of I do not love you. Don’t listen to them. Alcohol agression write this essay for me you grow up to be a strong women, you will know that this was Can i talk about this in my nhs essay? alcohol agression write this essay for me best. My only concern now is that you will be the first to find me. I’m sorry. Call your father at work and let him take care of everything. You are a strong person; you will no doubt get over this and be brilliant women. Don’t let me stop or delay you. I love you." (Mori 6) Once Shizuko is gone there are many things that threaten Yuki's development. She must tolerate the harassing on her mother’s memory, first by her Aunt Aya who removes the possessions of her dead mother, and then by the bitter Hanae. On the day of the funeral, Yuki takes shelter in her closet filled with colorful clothing all made for her by Shizuko. In her closet, with the sounds of her mourning family drifting upstairs.

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