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Thursday, August 09, 2018 9:21:03 PM

Hinduism is not a religion, its a way of living. essays “Hinduism”, what is Hinduism? It is not a religion when taken in the strictest sense of word. Hinduism is very different from religions like Christianity, Islam, or Judaism. Hinduism is more of a way of living than an intellectual system of philosophy. There are many misconceptions about Hinduism which are the result of westerners trying to force it to fit their ideas of what a religion should be like, and trying to push a lot of Exchange program essay leading dissertations for but related faith into a single box. Hinduism includes a far wider range of beliefs and practices than any of the faiths above. There is no actual way or a particular faith to be followed in Hinduism. For all practical purposes, in the modern times the Hindus’ way of life had no religion and no name so they started referring to their religion as Hinduism. And therefore it is the oldest living religion on earth. Hinduism is recommendation for living a disciplined, pure and blissful life needed for God realization. Other religions have strict laws and beliefs to attain this God realization. Hindus, however, do not believe in such strict laws. According to Hinduism, religion is not separate from living. It is living itself. God does not exist in temples and sacred places only. Unlike in other religions going to buy essay online cheap conflict disappear Church or going to the Mosque is necessary to worship god every Sunday or Friday; going to the temple for Hindus is not made necessary. Like even for people who do not always go to the church or mosque religiously feel that going there is the only way to worship god. Going to the temples is a good practice, but that is not the only way to worship God. God does not exist in temples alone, in some particular altar or sacred place. He exists every where and can be approached in every way, not just by performing some special rituals, but also Essay about Italian Culture: Food and Wine the very process of living ones life and discharging ones responsibility towards oneself, ones family, ones society and ones own religion.

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