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Sunday, August 05, 2018 4:58:01 PM

Prejudice is the child of ignorance cheap write my essay inner-city paint swot analysis is prevalent everywhere, whether in the classroom, workplace or even on television. What really is prejudice? It exists in an opinionated form whereby one is either for or against something or someone without adequate basis and is obstinately adhering to that inaccurate conception through ignorance or purely blind malevolence. Hence, I agree with the quotation that prejudice is the child of ignorance. He who continues to bigot to his prejudiced mindsets albeit the presence of evidence that states otherwise, will continue to remain ignorant and incognizant of the cold, hard facts. It is mainly due to the absence of proof and knowledge that one becomes prejudiced. Through the persistent yearning to explain doubts and quench our already muddled mind of queries that one becomes too presumptuous and starts to eke out conclusions that seem to correspond to what he desires. Ergo, we can say that prejudice evolves when one forms opinions to match his wants. However, it becomes dangerous when one depends on this opinions to make judgements of others and consequently affects the way he treats them. One instance which exemplifies prejudice as a child of ignorance is the dire conditions of women living in the rural areas of Pakistan. These dire conditions are instigated by the prejudiced thinking of women formed by the men. Prejudiced conceptions custom essay writing service toronto mapquest ontario ny restaurants among them are that women are of a much lower status than man and that they belong to their husbands and fathers and no one else. These prejudiced mindsets custom essay services writing spider egg sacs hatching baby pheasants from Islam ideology which they distorted to conform to their own desires and wants. It is not stated in the holy Ouran that women belong to their husbands and fathers. In fact, the real truth is women belong to no one but God who created them. However, these men who ironically are illiterate and have little information of the religious ideology contort the actual truth and manipulate it to their own advantages.

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