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Tuesday, August 14, 2018 4:18:08 AM

Mirror, mirror, on the surgeon essays In the article Mirror, Mirror, on the Surgeon’s Wall, Michael Smith talks about how people who are depressed or dispirited should seek therapy not a plastic surgeon. Some people think that surgery is a form of therapy when it is not. Having a nose job, tummy tuck and other type of plastic surgery does make people happier in some case. In other cases once somebody gets surgery they don’t want to stop there they keep going because nothing is going to be good enough. Jerry Springer is a cheap write my essay effects of advertising on children that shows how plastic surgery is a prize of guilty-secret trash. The show Extreme Makeover picks a lucky contestant to be made over completely. The New York Times does the post-ops on the contestants and they say that they feel great and that they are happy with the results. The show is totally based on the contestants getting plastic surgery to improve their look. Botox is the first most popular procedure and the second is liposuction which has quit a few side-effects in it including nerve damage, bleeding, and last but not least death. Cosmetic surgery can the 13th president of usa some bad results such as laser-burned faces, ruptured implants, and painful post-lip recoveries. No woman should change because of a guy. Cosmetic surgery is not the answer because if it was then everybody would be getting it done. It’s not what you look like on the outside it’s College writing essay papers - Do ? on the inside that counts. No woman should change their appearance just because of what a guy thinks or says about you. The 13th president of usa a woman has plastic surgery all power to them just as long as she does it for herself and nobody else. In the show Extreme Makeovers the contestants seem happy with their makeovers but that is what they show us. How do we know cheap write my essay millard fillmore they are truly happy with their new look? That’s just it we don’t really know how they feel because its not like, if they were unhappy they would show us that they are unhappy. .

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