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Book report - the picture of d essays This book is called "The Picture of Dorian Gray" for the character, Dorian Gray, and his portrait, which are the subject of the book's plot. It is a story of corruption, how a man's love for himself and his appearance come to ruin his life. The book is written by the English author Oscar Wilde, apparently the only novel he Essay about the influence my grandmother had on my life -Feedback please wrote. The story is set in 19th century England. The main character discussion professional essay writing services the book is Dorian Gray, a young man aged about twenty years. He is depicted to have a perfect, clean appearance, and an innocent soul. The book opens with his two close friends, Lord Henry, and Basil Hallward, an eccentric painter having a conversation with each other. Basil has become completely obsessed with the image of Dorian and is spending all his hours working on a brilliant portrait of him, and Dorian Gray becomes all he can talk about. Dorian is eventually influenced by Basil's way of thinking and becomes obsessed with himself and his image. When the picture is complete, Dorian is mesmerized by it. He takes it home and buy essay online cheap female inequality that as he grows old, his portrait will retain its good looks, and wishes that the portrait could grow old and that he would stay young. It has such a dramatic effect on him that he stops caring for everyone else around him. Dorian professional thesis statement ghostwriters for hire falls in love with a theatre actress, Sybil Vane for her acting abilities. While having a conversation with his good friend, Lord Harry, Dorian discovers his friend's true feelings about women. Dorian explains how wonderful Sybil's theatre performances are, and how deep her acting is. Lord Harry compares Dorian's love for Sybil to being high on drugs, and that it will pass quickly. He has a typical 19th century mindset, that women are worthless, and belong in the kitchen. Harry's opinion has little influence on Dorian. He gets to know Sybil better and he proposes marriage to her. One night, Dorian invites Lord Harry and Basil to see Sybil perform in theatre. .

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