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Rear window character analysis: jeff essays In Rear Window James Stewart plays a photographer for Life Magazine, used to an exciting life of traveling the world to document wars and other catastrophes. He's not traveling as the movie begins though, he's immobilized in his New York City apartment with a broken leg. To help me do my essay toots and the maytals himself from going stir crazy, he watches his neighbors across the courtyard, getting closer to them with binoculars and a telephoto lens. When visiting nurse Thelma Ritter criticizes his nosiness he blithely replies, "we've become a race of Peeping Toms, people ought to get outside and look at themselves." Stewart’s character, Jeff, observes several neighbors, such as: Lars Thorwald, the unhappily married man who is accused of murder; Miss Lonely Hearts, who can't find a boyfriend; Miss Torso, a stunning blonde ballerina with no end of romeo and juliet compare and contrast essay to the movie and the newly married couple, who are seen ever so briefly in-between long bouts of lovemaking. An older married couple sleep on their fire escape to beat the heat, but they sleep head-to-toe, with no romance involved. A composer sends melancholy love music out into the night, but can't escape his own loneliness. And finally, there's Miss Hearing Aids, the sculptress. She's single and a bit unattractive. She naps out in the backyard and works on a lumpy sculpture called "Hunger”. In addition to Jeff’s interest on other people’s personal lives, he obtains certain nervousness when around Lisa Fremont (Grace Kelly), a society girl. He makes sarcastic remarks custom essay writing services australian terriers images of christmas Lisa begins to talk about getting married to Jeff. Jeff believes that his adventurous life-style won’t be sufficient enough for Lisa’s high class personality. In conclusion, “Jeff” Jeffries is a middle-class man who loves to involve himself in other people’s lives. Jeff’s feeling of inferiority towards Ms. Fremont slightly complicated their relationship. .

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