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Lenins impact on russia essays Lenin's Impact on Russia Vladimere Lenin was a very critical character in Russian history. He might have freed the Russian civilization from Tsarist rule. The question that you must contemplate most is, did he really make Russia better at all? I would say no. Lenin promised his people "peace, land, bread" along with many other atrocious false promises. He took them out of world war one, but at what expense? For the people's freedom from war it cost the Russians scarce factories, much needed money, and undiscovered resources and land. That doesn't sound like providing the people with land and bread. In doing this he need help do my essay the good earth by pearl buck further set back industrial growth. He used resources that were scarce just to sway people to be on his side. Lenin would lie at any expense just to grow support for his misleading beliefs. On a regular basis he would "shade the truth" to convince people to join the Bolshevik party. Many of the Russians didn't even want the communist rule, they were satisfied with Tsarist rule. Many people paper writers online acceptance page with Nicholas the second, but how many with Lenin? He told the serfs that the landed would be collectively owned. Really it disrupted the peace in Russia. He stole their land. With total control of the country the gullible peasants had no real source to the truth that forever lay hidden. Lenin was buy essay online cheap physician assisted suicide case study involved in lying to the people he rewrote history books! How can the country be bettered when it was focused around lies and scandals. Above all Lenin's greediness has above all shown to be the worst aspect of his dictatorship. Instead of doing what is good for the country he took his own personal pleasures into his own hands. He made all of the land collectively owned when it really meant that he would have full control over all of the land. He killed the Romanov family to ensure his dictatorship after the Tsar had already abdicated.

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