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Custom essay writing service toronto raptors logo history deutsche school and public scho essays There are two kinds of schools. When I was six Literary Analysis Essay: Lord of the ? eleven years old, I attended a public elementary school, and then I attended a private junior high school and senior high school. Until I entered the junior high school, I thought private schools and public schools are all the same, but actually, they are very different. First, students in a private school pay a higher fee than in a public school. Public schools, as you know, are made for the public and they use taxes to finance those, so their students need not pay writing my research paper the death of an idol fees. In contrast, private schools are financed only by fees from students. The fee can not get cheaper except in the case when it is suggested by the head master. Next, private schools have good teachers and a good environment for studying because of high fees. Unlike public schools, teachers do their best or they are dismissed because they are employed by managers of the school who always think of their reputation. Since it is an education service, they prepare good equipment to attract the students and their parents. The most important dissimilarity is, private schools have their own interesting policies which charm students and their parents because they have entrance examinations to choose students. Private schools must collect students to keep the schools by themselves, so they should have strongly charming policies. For example, a private school can place itself as a school which has free and easy atomasphere or which has strict policy to make students go to high-level universities. On the buy an essay online cheap original hand, the most public schools did not have policies since they did not need to gather students because students who live near the school can enter there automatically. In summary, private schools and public schools have big differences in fees, its quality, and the way they choose students. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages, so you should decide on the school carefully while thinking about those things.

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