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Disguise in essays In As You Like It, by Shakespeare, disguise is a general problem. There are many characters that use disguises, especially in two ways: one by changing their looks and pretending to be someone else, and two by only changing their character and personality so others perceive them as someone completely different. Two characters that use disguise in these two ways are Rosalind and Jaques. Disguise is a general problem because it can be dangerous and trap people in characters as how others see them and not how they really are. It also can have serious effects on others, like when Phoebe falls in love with Ganymede, which puts a strain on Phoebe and Silvius’ relationship. When Rosalind is banished from the city, she and Celia decide to travel in disguise so they would be out of harm's way. But when the two cousins reach the Forest of Arden and find Orlando there, Rosalind starts to truly use her business essay proofreading services. Orlando courts Rosalind as Ganymede. Through her testing of Orlando, Ganymede is playing Rosalind. So Rosalind is basically playing herself. By playing herself, Term paper ghostwriters site au grows as a person. She gets to know herself. In the beginning of the play Rosalind seemed very ditzy but she later shows writing my research paper the greater good of humanity as someone who is down to earth and begins to know what she wants in life. Jaques is also in a disguise, but not one in cheap write my essay things to make life better appearance. Jaques tries to hide his regret and sorrow in his life by a different attitude. This new attitude leads him to live a cynical life. This is dangerous because this is how all the other characters see him, a cynic, but he actually isn’t. We see Jaques as being thoughtful when he gives his cheap write my essay impact of current events and trends on tourism on “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” Jaques is merely covering up from his suffering in his earlier life and is therefore caught in this trap. This trap leads Jaques nowhere, while the trap Rosalind is in leads her to be a new and better person. .

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