Community service reflection essay and rubric

Saturday, August 11, 2018 12:34:52 AM

Cleverness in the odyssey essays Mind over Matter The Odyssey One overlooked aspect of Greek poetry, involving journeys, monsters, and epic battles, is the need for intelligence and the effects of the lack there of. Odysseus is displayed as an intelligent man, yet at times he lets his pride and search for glory overshadow his intelligence, in many senses embodying man. This is very apparent in the scene involving Polyphemus, in this scene Odysseus displays great wit while needlessly ruining it in the end. Homer portrays Odysseus as a man of mind over muscle, although he has enormous strength, buy essay online cheap health and well being always tries to find a way to get his enemies to make a mistake and exploit it. One such example is when he gets trapped in the cave with Polyphemus and two of his men get eaten. Instead of trying to fight out of anger and his first impulse of “drawing the sharp sword…to stab him,” he thought about the fact that there would be no one to move the boulder for him (Book 9, p 380, lines 312-313). As an alternative, Odysseus tricks Polyphemus into letting them free by wounding his only eye with a hot stick and drawing upon all his “wits” by sneaking out of the cave on the bellies of the sheep (Book 9, p 384-385, lines 441-455). Polyphemus’ family doesn’t help him because Odysseus uses the name Nobody and Polyphemus yells “Nohbody’s tricked me,” taking away the chance that Odysseus will be caught (Book 9, p 383, lines 427). It takes great control to watch two of your men get eaten and be able to think about the needs of custom essay writing service professays scampia estate sales future and not the wants of the present. Although, he lost two men, he shows quick thinking by not immediately attacking Polyphemus and not giving off his real name. Odysseus was also able to figure out that Polyphemus would need to let his sheep out to graze and all that was all he needed to get out undetected. This show of intellect is in contrast to the fact that he shows no intelligence by cheap write my essay to kill a mockingbird- how maturity affects the characters listening to his men and le.

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