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Sunday, August 12, 2018 4:45:46 AM

Contract for service vs. contract of service essays read& id =1360&site=LE). The case that determined these changes in the legal tests for determining the real nature of the work relationship was that of Kioa v Carolyn Holdings Ltd on the 20 August 2001, this was the first time that the Employment Relations Act 2000 was used to decide the nature of the work relationship. In this Kioa case, the Plaintiff tried to argue that although the original intention was that of an independent contractor, the parties had not achieved that, and therefore he was claiming he was now an employee and sued the company for unjustifiable dismissal in the Employment Relations Authority. The Authority held that the nature buy essay online cheap college or univeristy graduation speech the relationship was that of an independent contractor and therefore had no personal grievance rights. Mr. Kioa challenged this decision in the Employment Court and once again it was held that he was a independent contractor as he had ventured into business on his own and contributed goodwill which is not something that an employee does so therefore Mr. Kioa’s personal grievance claim was help writing paper discussion again dismissed ( The court held that section 6 of cheap write my essay massachussets financial services case Employment Relations Act changed the law regarding the employment status. "Intention is still relevant but is no longer decisive. It is only one of the relevant matters the Court must consider. Such matters include control of working or evidence of carrying on business on one's own account and other factors …Thus, it mus.

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