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Effective literature essays Effective literature has universal appeal. For a selection to have universal appeal, it must appeal to all cheap write my essay redox area lab report and audiences. The themes of such selections are immortal, and recurring in all cultures and all time periods. If a piece of literature is effective, it will often last for a long time. Great pieces of literature, such as some of Shakespear’s works have universal themes and have been around for centuries, as their themes continue to be relevant even today. Some of the most effective literature written is poetry. Much of the time, poetry has a lot of symbolism, similes, and metaphorical language. This kind of writing is often dependent on the reader’s interpretation of it and often has a recurring theme. This makes it effective. The poem “Departure” by F. R. Scott is full of similes, metaphors, and symbolism. The theme of this poem relies heavily on your interpretation of it. Scott used metaphors heavily–the whole poem is a continuing symbolic metaphor between water and his relationship with another. The theme of the poem is: “Truly strong relationships will endure all things–time and separation included.” This is an excellent theme because most people, despite their age, culture, and circumstances, can relate to it in some way. For example, if a thirty-year-old woman from modern-day Russia read this poem, it is very likely that she would relate it back to her own relationships–romantic or not. If, for example, she had just moved away from top paper writer for hire for university family to live in a new place, it is probable that as she read the poem, she would think about her family, the day she left, how she felt then, and about the need help do my essay sutton&anderson pastoralism summary. She Essay on shraddha and andhashraddha in marathi - think of her reunion with them and how much she loves them. The poem will remind her that the bond she has with them will never be broken by distance or time. In this way, the poem holds a different meaning for her than it would to, say, a young man whose fiance had just d.

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