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French essays The French Revolution The French Revolution was essentially the pivotal culmination of a rising conflict between two opposing conceptions as to the source by which a governing state derived its authority. During the late eighteenth century an ideology accentuating reason, freedom, and the sovereignty of the common man grew in direct opposition to the accepted dogmas of absolutism and divine right of the monarchy. As illustrated within the three aforementioned quotes, the divergent depth between these two philosophies of government created a void, one Essay writer online tumblr / ? would ultimately lead to the French Revolution and alter the course of Western culture. Within Robespiere’s quote one is able to observe the aspirations of the Bourgeoisie and peasant revolutionaries; an ideal society of liberty and equality wherein one school essay ghostwriters service us as much a subject of the state as the state is a subject of thee. This converging evaluation of performance essay towards reasoning and justice grew from the theories of such revolutionary think! ers as Voltaire, Rousseau, and the Encyclopedists, who presented a vision of a liberal community with equal rights and responsibilities, wherein reason replaced the monarch’s claim to divine right as the ultimate authority, and where all men lived in a brotherhood. It must be acknowledged that such influences as France’s severe financial essay about teenage pregnancy and schools and the resulting poverty, peasant grievances with such abuses as the seigniorial system, a weak and unstable monarchy under Louis XVI, and the expense of supporting Washington’s army in the New World all attributed to the eventual revolt. However, it was this A marketing Plan French Perfumes college essay help ideology set upon equality, justice and freedom, an ideology further fueled by some of the ideas that French soldiers returned with from America, that was the essential keystone which led to the Revolution. In decisive contrast to this new enlightened movement stood the anciently entrenched regime of absolute monarchy, as depicted within the Duke o.

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