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Monday, August 06, 2018 6:59:02 PM

Government internet intervention essays freelance atmosphere, while methods such as encryption could help prevent the need for government intervention (Levy 56). The current body of laws existing today in America does not apply well to the Internet. Is the Internet accurate financial statements essay a bookstore, where servers cannot be expected to review every title? Well, according to an article written by Michael Miller in PC Magazine, "The Internet is much more like going into a book store and choosing to look at adult magazines" (Miller 75). The Internet differs from other forms of media. In that one cannot just happen upon a vulgar site without first, either entering a complicated address following a link from another source, or by clicking on the agreement statement at the beginning of the site acknowledging that one is of the legal age best essay writing service online paying 18. This lawless atmosphere bothered many people. One such person is Nebraska Senator James Exon (D), who is one of the founding fathers of the Telecommunications Decenc.

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