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Friday, August 17, 2018 4:54:06 PM

Principle no. 3: commercialization essays Principle No. 3: Commercialization Principle No. 3: Commercialization. The Society for American Archaeology has recognized that the buying and selling of objects out of archaeological context is contributing to the destruction of the archaeological record on the American continents and around the world. The commercialization buy essay online cheap literature during the victorian age of great britain archaeological objects (their use as commodities to be exploited for personal enjoyment or profit) results in the destruction of archaeological sites and of contextual information that is essential to understanding the archaeological record. Archaeologists should therefore carefully weigh the benefits to scholarship of a project against the costs of potentially enhancing the commercial value of how to write an application essay killer objects. Whenever possible they should discourage, and should themselves avoid, activities that enhance the commercial value of archaeological objects, especially objects that are how to write an application essay killer curated in public institutions, or readily available for scientific study, public interpretation, a! nd display. (Definition child health and wellbeing essay writer stated by the SAA website) Commercialization has glorified the science of Archaeology in the past. Movies have been made, Indiana Jones, to make the search for artifacts a grand adventure full of excitement, treasure, and glory. This is a stereotype that many people perceive and want to emulate. Who doesn’t want to follow Harrison Ford’s footprints through the jungles becoming human jean vanier essay writer deserts in search of treasure? There are also individuals and connoisseur’s who like to collect artifacts for their own personal pleasure, they are willing to search or pay the price, whatever it is, for rare objects. When artifacts are commercialized or commodification occurs, (Commodification is the process through which objects of archaeological value are transformed through market activities into commodities with monetary value and transferred from pubic to private ownership) it makes it hard for Archaeologists to st.

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